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Rail Passes

JR Rail Pass
The JR Pass gives you access to the JR network nationwide and is significantly cheaper than buying individual train tickets.
JR Kansai Area Rail Pass
JR West offers the Kansai Area Pass, which gives unlimited access to JR trains in the region for 1, 2, 3 or 4 consecutive days.
You can visit Japanese towns such as Kyoto,Kobe, Osaka, Himeji and Nara. The pass also gives you access to Kansai International airport.


The electric power supplied in Japan is 100V. The plug is typically 2-blade, non polarized and non-grounded, as seen here.
Note that there are very few public outlets that support 3-prong plugs, so its useful to carry a 3-to-2 adapter. Make sure the plug blades are the same width, i.e., non-polarized.


At over 20,000 Seven-Eleven convenience stores nationwide, ATM machines accept foreign bank cards on a 24 hour basis. The procedure is straightforward. Guidance is available in English, Korean and Chinese. Details and an ATM locator are provided at the link below: You can withdraw Japanese yen from ATMs at 7-Eleven stores

Japan Post Office ATM’s also offer a cashing service for foreign bank cards. Please note many small restaurants and shops, ticket and vending machines do not accept credit cards.


Japan’s major international airports provide free Wi-Fi within the terminal buildings to allow you to connect as soon as you arrive.
Kobe Free WiFi offers 7 day free service for over 3,000 hot spots throughout the city. A WiFi card can be picked up at various tourist offices and hotels around the city. Kobe free WiFi Card distribution spots